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Step by step: Transferring your domain from Kabissa

Have a domain still registered by Kabissa? It’s time for you to take control. Please read this post carefully to learn how, and then get in touch as soon as you get a chance!

It’s been a pleasure to support your organization all these years by providing domain name registration for your websites. This is not an expense I am able to cover any longer, so the time has come for you to take ownership of the domains and start paying for domain name registration yourself. I’m happy to walk you through the process and would like to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

As a reminder, your domain name might be registered by Kabissa but your website and email is hosted by one or more other services. It’s important to keep the registration and hosting intact on a sustainable, long term basis because it affects your email addresses and websites.

There are advantages and disadvantages to entrusting domain name registration to your hosting provider. If you trust your hosting provider, it’s a good idea to keep it together. It’s simpler to have one bill to pay and you don’t ever have to worry about technical steps yourself. However, if you have any concerns about your hosting provider or if you think you might need to change at any point in the future, it’s a good idea to maintain your domain name registration separately. You don’t have to negotiate with anyone about where to point it to. The technical steps have become easier these days. But you will need to keep up the payments separately and usually with a credit card.

If you want to maintain registration separately, I recommend you set up an account with Namecheap, but there are many good options available. I’ve also used GoDaddy and it’s fine.

Below are the steps as I understand them.


Tobias Eigen,
Kabissa founder


  1. Read through these steps carefully, and resolve any questions in advance before we move on to the next step. :slight_smile:
  2. Decide if you want to entrust registration to your hosting provider or if you want to maintain it yourself separately.
  3. Tell me name and email address of primary point of contact for me to use during this transition. This should be trusted person who works in your organization and is reasonably knowledgeable about tech (if you are choosing to keep registration and hosting separate) or contact at your hosting provider (if you are choosing to entrust registration to your host).
  4. Verify which domain (or domains) registered by Kabissa belong to your organization that you’d like to keep using into the future. Check the current list.
  5. Prepare on your end the technical steps to come, and let me know when you are ready. In particular, your primary contact needs to know how to set up the pointing for email and your website so you don’t have a gap in service. (Namecheap provides a fairly straightforward process but you should confirm this process with your hosting provider. They will give you specific instructions.)


  1. Contact me, Tobias Eigen, at domains@kb2.org to get started. Please include the list of domains and the primary contact. This will start a ticket that we will use throughout the transfer process.
  2. I will change the contact email address for your domain to the email address of the primary contact you provide above. An email will be sent to that email address containing a confirmation link that must be clicked to finalize the change.
  3. I will send the transfer secret (also known as authorization code or EPP code) to the email address you provide in step 1 above.
  4. The primary contact will use the transfer secret to finalize the transfer to your registrar. An email will be sent to the primary contact that must be clicked to confirm the transfer.


  1. Set up pointing for email and website. This may take from a few hours to a few days to finalize.
  2. Let me know as soon as you are done and I will help you with testing.
  3. Test email and website!


  1. You will be confirmed done when a whois request shows your primary contact, your website is up and running, and test emails arrive as expected in your email inboxes. :rocket:
  2. Please reply to the ticket to let me know!